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Actonomy’s technology is built around a Web 2.0 semantic network (based on semantic web concepts) known as an ontology. An ontology stores search patterns, concepts, and their contexts in an inter-connected network. The ultimate goal is that search tools search like you would search — and that they have the built-in intelligence to deliver the results that you expect!

What it does

An ontology stores an ever-growing network of search patterns, concepts, and the contexts in which they are used. It connects and relates concepts. The result? If you search for a specific word or concept, Actonomy ontologies understand the context, know how other users are using the word or concept, and provide you with results that really make sense!

How it works

Ontologies provide a flexible framework in which you create your own words or concepts and link these with other words with similar or related meaning. Each word can also be linked to its context or domain in which it is used. Making and maintaining an ontology is simple with the Actonomy xMP Ontology Creator.

The Actonomy ontology is neither a simple dictionary in which concepts are stored as synonyms, nor a simple hierarchy in which concepts are related and linked to each other or to a specific category.  Actonomy’s ontology combines both of these different models, thus generating multi-dimensional matching models where keywords are linked to experience, skills, education, reporting hierarchy within an organisation, etc.

The network model of Actonomy links all concepts to sectors, domains, and multiple function groups — the number of groups is unlimited and creating new ones is easy!

Get started fast

Actonomy xMP comes pre-configured with the industry’s largest HRM knowledge base, containing over 200,000 basic concepts, job titles, skills, and expertise domains already linked to millions of HRM-related terms. The knowledge base contains detailed, structured groups of job titles, related competencies and expertise, and the typical relations with other jobtitles and functions within an organization. Start searching better from day one while you customize the database to your specific client and business needs!