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Conceptual Search – Semantic Search

Conceptual searching allows users to search for actual concepts in a document, rather than for simple words.  A ‘concept’ in this sense refers to a meaningful combination of words.

With traditional Boolean searches, words have no meaning and no conceptual link with other words in the query.  A ‘Java developer’ is a combination of two words, but the combination itself has no inherent meaning.  With Actonomy, the concept ‘Java developer’ is understood as a function.  Further, it is understood as a ‘software developer’ with experience in the ‘Java’ programming language.  This allows the system to search not only for the function ‘Java developer’ itself, but also related functions such as ‘software developer’ or ‘Java programmer’.

Actonomy doesn’t search for just words, but for concepts and parts of concepts.  Thanks to our in-depth ontology database, all concepts are categorized and understood in the context in which they are used.  Concept matching understands the relations that words have with one another, and uses all words in a search to select appropriate concepts and find the best results!  Finally, semantic search and CVmatching that works!