Categorisation 2017-08-16T03:46:09+00:00

Categorisation to enhance the automated matching of Jobs and candidates (CV’s, Resumes or profiles)!

Categorisation (or classification) sorts documents into different virtual ‘categories’ based on various relevant characteristics. Documents can be sorted by industry sector, domain, function groups, and subject matter. These documents can then be retrieved more efficiently at a later date and with increased relevance to the search being performed.

Even more, the automated classification will improve the CVmatching and Job matching as it adds a meta level of information. By using a very rich classification, candidate profiles or job profiles will be enriched with additional data that is not literally in the profile but important to find similarity between profiles

Many categorisation programs simply extract the most relevant terms in a document in a raw “word-count” fashion. This statistical term extraction is not accurate enough for today’s HRM applications and often gives poor results.

Actonomy’s categorisation technology has been optimised for HRM applications. Our software performs a direct analysis on the incoming document and relates it to all of the function groups, domain, and industry contexts which are already a part of the xMP Data Services. Because relevance is linked to the ontological knowledge model instead of a raw word count, no statistical errors or miscategorisations can occur.

Using Actonomy’s categorisation is automatic while using xMP Semantic Mind : all documents automatically undergo categorization or classification during indexing. There is no need for an additional, manual step to code and classify documents.