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Careerpath Search

Careerpath Search, semantic search and CVmatching with a meaning!

Staffing companies, recruitment agencies, and corporate recruiters all share the same goal: to find the best candidates for their vacancies. With the ever-increasing amount of candidate information, function titles, skills, and other ways to describe career- or person-related criteria, this is easier said than done.

People are unique and often want to express their uniqueness in their own words — words which may not perfectly match what is in a job description or list of skills. A “secretary” might also be an “office assistant”, and a “Juniper specialist” might also be an “internet security expert.” You, as a recruiter, may or may not know this; your search and match program, though, should!

Traditional keyword search systems search for exactly the same words as the ones you used, but this is not sufficient. When looking for a holiday home to rent or a second-hand mobile phone, traditional searches work fine. But when complex data such as CVs or job descriptions need to be found, these outdated search techniques offer substandard results. 

Actonomy careerpath search searches smarter!  Smart semantic search!

Actonomy careerpath search offers automatic synonym expansion and related concepts for job titles, skill sets, and relevant keywords. You don’t need to know what Juniper is or the ten different job titles that an ‘Account Manager’ might have: careerpath search does it for you.

Guided Search:

  • Automatically expands your search query with meaningful concepts out of a ‘cloud’ of related words.
  • Ranks expanded results accordingly, so that you do not need to analyze and rank the results yourself.
  • Tells you in advance how many extra results you will find by using the related keywords, word groups, and concepts.

You’ll immediately get more results: resumés and CVs containing related concepts and synonyms that you didn’t even think of. No more hassle, wasting time, or having to look for extra information elsewhere. You get the best out of your CV database while the system does the work for you!