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Automated matching of Jobs to CV’s : CVmatching, Job Matching and Candidate to Candidate Matching

Automated matching of Jobs to CV’s  : Jobs-to-CV, CV-to-CV and CV-to-jobs!

What is Automated Profile Matching or CV matching and Job matching?

You’ve just received a new CV or job posting in MS Word or PDF document format. What now?

If you’re like many recruiters or candidates, you will now begin the laborious process of manually combing through the document, selecting the useful information, and typing it into a database or program so that you can later use it in a search-and-match process. What skills does the applicant have? Where is the vacancy located? All this data must be transferred to a system in a neat and ordered fashion for later use.

Not with Profile-to-Profile matching. Profile-to-Profile matching allows you to search through raw, unstructured data (such as Word and PDF documents) without the need to first manually ‘weed out’ the important versus unimportant data. Actonomy’s system automatically detects where the ‘skills’ are located in the document, along with other vital information. And when you receive a new vacancy or candidate CV, you can now search through other documents for a potential match without first having to enter them into a more regularized, structured form.

CVmatching (resume matching) and reverse matching finally a reality with Actonomy!

How does Profile-to-Profile matching help you?

Reading and re-typing documents is time-consuming and tiring. Profile-to-Profile matching lets you find potential matches without the need to process them first, saving you both time and energy. Additionally, it spares you the worry of missing a potential vacancy or candidate match, simply because the information has not yet been structured. Imagine that the perfect candidate for the job has sent in their resume, but it hasn’t been processed yet! With structured searching and matching, they will remain undiscovered until properly added to the CV database system. With Profile-to-Profile matching, you’ll find them immediately, whether their CV has been processed or not!

Profile to… what, exactly?

When we say “profile to profile,” that’s exactly what we mean! Match CVs to vacancies — or vacancies to CVs. You can even match vacancies to other vacancies or CVs to other CVs. For example, using Actonomy’s “Look-alike CV” matching, you can select an ‘example’ CV out of the system and then search for other, similar CVs, based on format, geography, skill profiles, education levels, etc.

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