Technology for CVmatching, Job matching and HR analytics 2017-08-15T20:36:07+00:00

Technology for CVmatching, Job matching and semantic search!

The Technology Behind Actonomy’s HRM Software for Semantic Search / Resume Matching / CVmatching / Resume Extraction / CV Extraction is based on a unique combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and semantic modelling!

Actonomy’s core product, xMP Semantic Mind, was developed as a generic matching platform but has since been optimised for the HRM community by adding and extending specific HRM functionality. Actonomy has created a platform that is based on a unique combination of different technologies to optimise performance and to generate quality results.

  • Fuzzy Semantic Search and Matching allows you to perform searching (semantic search) and matching (semantic matching) with both structured criteria and unstructured (free text) input.
  • The HRM ontology consists of a rich dataset of function descriptions, skills, competencies, and education titles, all structured and inter-related.
  • CVmatching, Job matching and Resume matching  allows you to match candidates with jobs, jobs to candidates, vacancies to CVs, or even CVs to other (“good”) CVs.