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Actonomy xMP plug-in for Bullhorn

Find better candidates faster

Actonomy’s semantic technology was designed to get recruiters a powerful tool to find much faster better candidates that could not be found with traditional search solutions!

By applying artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Actonomy’s flagship platform – called xMP – allows to search on many more criteria simultaneously than what user typically do with ‘Boolean Search’.  The result : more suitable candidates can be found thanks to the usage of synonyms, related concepts and concepts that can implicitly be derived from candidate profiles!

Actonomy xMP plug-in for Bullhorn offers all the powerful Actonomy functionality while maintaining the easy-to-use user interface of the Bullhorn product!

Matching and semantic search

In order to speed up the searching process of candidates from the Bullhorn database, Actonomy xMP is offering the following scenario’s :

  • Match candidates directly from an opportunity as defined. No need to specify what criteria you are looking for, Actonomy analyses for you and get you instantaneously the best candidates!
  • Advanced Semantic Search for candidates using synonyms and related terms. More suitable candidates will be found as more ‘words’ will be used to search of which one would not think off!

The results are ranked with their score and the user can select the most suitable results to be added to the Bullhorn Shortlists and Hotlists for further processing.  So, the search and match is smoothly integrated into Bullhorn workflow.

A seamless integration of both solutions resulting in a unique combination of a powerful recruitment software of Bullhorn and a powerful semantic matching platform of Actonomy!

Extended Features

  • Sourcing of candidates using external sources such as social media and external jobboards.
  • Advanced semantic searching of candidates including search based on synonym and related criteria.
  • Automatic profile matching : simply use a job description, get the key criteria out of the text and match with candidates.
  • Ranked result with only a matching score but also the matching details and the GAP analyses between job requirements and the candidate profile.
  • Standard facets and filter to narrow down the search results.
  • Ranking search & match results based on relevance.

Results are ranked based on matching score and matching details and a GAP analyses is returned.