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xMP Semantic Mind

xMP Semantic Mind

Our Flagship product which helps you to find and match the perfect candidate

xMP Semantic Mind is a revolutionary new generation of semantic matching (semantic search) platforms, designed to provide high quality match results by emulating human intelligence, combined with technology’s accuracy and velocity.  xMP combines free text search, special relations between criteria, parsing, weighted criteria, reversed matching, and context-sensitive searching.  xMP searches simultaneously in structured and unstructured data, and presents the best matching resumés and vacancies in ranked order, including details of where the search criteria match — or don’t!

xMP is a powerful matching engine (CVmatching, Job matching) that quickly provides meaningful, ranked results.

The fuzzy matching engine matches any and all items based on query-specific sets of criteria.  These criteria are set by the user through a comprehensive user interface.  xMP is enriched with a rules-based reasoning engine and a knowledge network with multidimensional relations between criteria.  It helps you automatically find what you’re looking for, and offers exactly those results you need!

Actonomy xMP goes beyond traditional keyword-based search

xMP was designed to provide a set of intelligent services.  These functions target a much higher user comfort and higher efficiency while searching:

  • Bi-Directional CV Matching / Resume Matching/CVMatching:  Match CVs to jobs or jobs to CVs with equal ease.
  • Asymmetrical Matching:  Recruiters and candidates are looking for different things.  xMP lets candidates and recruiters have different criteria and differently weighted criteria based on their personal preferences.
  • Automatic expansion of the search query:  Alternative words and related concepts are automatically taken into account.
  • Guided search: Actonomy xMP provides you with suggestions on how to improve the search and find
    more relevant results.
  • Detailed and transparent scoring: Details are calculated and used to explain why certain results
    are obtained. At any time, xMP can explain why a CV is selected and why it matches the job requirements.
  • Direct distance matching: Geographical information is directly extracted from the document
    withou the need to structure the CV.
  • Direct document-to-document matching:  There is no longer a need to structure CVs prior to matching. Actonomy xMP extracts the relevant information automatically.

Unique Product Features:

  • Simultaneous searching and matching of both structured and unstructured data (e.g. resume attachments, legacy databases, emails, blogs…)
  • Real fuzzy matching on numerical values and selection criteria
  • Automatic criteria expansion based on affinity matrices or knowledge networks (ontologies)
  • Weighted and ranked results, in detail per criteria
  • Location-based matching and time interval based matching (work schedule)
  • Context and semantic matching offering more accurate results

Integrated System-Level Advantages

  • Recommender functionality
  • Manages relations between criteria based on knowledge network concepts, distributing relevant business knowledge throughout the system.
  • Central metadata management as opposed to resumé-based metadata management
  • Integrated auto-learning functionality
  • Integrated expert system to include company-specific business process information
  • High performance and scalability
  • Fast and easy integration

xMP Semantic Mind for Bullhorn

  • Integrated in Bullhorn workflow
  • Find the right candidates faster with the Automatic matching
  • Source candidate externally
  • Get a Gap analysis between the job and found candidates

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