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xMP Data Services

xMP Data Services

Draw attention to your Vacancies and at the same time, expose gaps in your data

xMP Data Services is an online service giving you access to HR market data and to allow you to analyse your own candidate and vacancy records!

xMP Data Services (XDS) covers the following services :

  • CV parsing services allowing you to analyse and structure your incoming CV’s prior to execute CV matching.
  • Vacancy analyses allowing to get an overview of all the relevant information in the description such as skills, education, softskills requirements, benefits.
  • Classification of candidates and vacancies according to Actonomy’s rich industry and domain classification or by getting mappings to commonly industry classifications such as ISCO,…
  • GAP analyses between candidate profiles and vacancies. Just upload a candidate profile and a vacancy or job profile and get an insight in what matches and does not match in the profiles!
  • Job Titles : Access to millions of job titles with their synonyms and related job titles to improve your CV matching.
  • Related skills : Access to thousands of job descriptions consisting of jobtitles and the related skills, typical softskill requirements and/or education levels.

XDS HR knowledge base (ontology) – Career Exploration

XDS provides a central knowledge database of jobtitles, skills, softskills, educations, certifications and many more HR related information. It is a highly structured semantic knowledge network that goes far beyond most of the industry dictionaries or taxonomies!

XDS HR knowledgebase is multilingual and has been developed in English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Scandinavian languages allowing easy and native cross-laguage search functionality.  The database can easily support additional languages as required.

Starting from a jobtitle, users have access to :

  • All possible synonyms : alternative titles considered to have the same meaning!
  • All related terms : jobtitels that are related but with a slightly different meaning but relevant!
  • Related jobtitles defined within a career cluster or career path : what is typically a higher jobtitle (sales manager – sales director)? What is a typical next career step? What are jobs for a horizontal move?
  • Related skills to jobtitles, typical softskills requirements, typical education levels.