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xMP Match & Hire

xMP Match & Hire

Match&Hire : SaaS based CV parsing, Social Media Search, CV Matching and Job matching

Actonomy Match&Hire is a webbased CV management and vacancy management platform that allows you to process incoming CVs (CV parsing), to match CVs with your vacancies (CV matching and job matching) and to search for CVs across your own database and simultaneously through as many sources as you want!  With a single mouseclick, profiles on social media or in external databases become accessible!

The unique combination of CV parsing and vacancy extraction, powerful search and match and social media sourcing functionality makes it the perfect solution to optimize your recruitment process!

How Match&Hire works!

  • Incoming CVs through the website or job portal are processed using Actonomy’s CV parsing service  and stored locally prior to be sent to the main recruitment system.
  •  Actonomy Match&Hire exchanges all relevant information with the main recruitment

    • Vacancy information such as requirements, skills, and expectations required as a
      parameter in the CV matching process.
    • Customer information required as part of the match.  CV Matching processes that include customer related criteria (e.g. company-wide competences or skills, company-wide salary expectations linked to function categories) are exchanged with the main system.
    • Existing selection lists or classifications.
    • User profiles or company profiles (only required if user or company credentials are
      linked to CVs and if relevant for matchig).
    • Any other information on customer specific requests, which are relevant for CV matching, can be exchanged (as an extension to the standard HR-XML structure).
  • Semantic Matching/searching results remain in the local system or can be sent to the main system for central management and/or storage.
  • When used as a CVparsing add-on, all extracted information is sent to the main system for further processing.

xMP Candidate Onboarding with Match&Hire!

Actonomy xMP Candidate Onboarding Module (including CVparsing or Resume Parsing) is a flexible webportal plug-in module for candidate capture without the need to fill in a complex registration form. Candidates simply upload their CV and get relevant matches right away!

The main features of the module are :

  • posting of vacancies on your website or webportal;
  • easy candidate registration by simply uploading a CV. Using CV analysis or CV parsing (Resume Parsing), the CV is processed automatically without the need to fill out forms!
  • automatic matching with vacancies;
  • direct connectivity with CRM systems using XML data exchange

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