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HR Analytics Services

Get insight into your HR data with Actonomy HR Analytics Services

Actonomy HR Analytics Services provides an insight in HR related profile data of candidates, jobs and vacancies.   Therefore, we  analyze the profiles and extracting job titles, skills, soft skills, educations and the relations between these categories.

The goal of the Actonomy HR Analytics Services, is answering key questions such as ‘what are the mostly requested job titles and job clusters?, what are mostly required skills’, ‘what is the evolution in demand for a specific function or skill’, ‘what are key indicators for the match between my job profile database and my candidate profile database’, ‘how can I improve my CV matching and job matching‘,…

By uploading sets of job profiles and sets of candidate profiles, the system will :

  • Extract all job titles and classify these in domains/job families and industries based on commonly used classifications (such as ISCO).
  • Extract all skills, soft skills, education levels and create clusters related to job titles and job families.  As an example :  ‘software developer’, ‘software programmer’, ‘software architect’ will be clustered in ‘software development functions’.
  • Trends and projections can be made if data is uploaded with multiple time intervals.  As a result, the evolution of mostly required skills, evolution in number of jobs can be shown in easy readable graphs.  Finally, guiding your strategic company goals is possible using projections towards the future.
  • Provide you with heat maps showing the distribution of key parameters over a region or country.  Finally, getting to know where the highest density of a specific skill in your area or country becomes possible!
  • Process all data and export to generate reports and to perform detailed analyses by using 3rd party BI tools. Actonomy is providing reports/analyses using Tableau.