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What’s New

305, 2019

Red Tech Showcase, London – a preview


2504, 2019

New web based xMP Ontology Creator released – AI and machine learning powered!

One of the core components of Actonomy's technology is the xMP Ontology - a huge knowledge base containing more than 1 million concepts modelled within the specific context of HR!  Managing and extending a huge

2304, 2019

Semantics is more than synonyms and certainly more than a Boolean search on the different parts of a ‘concept’!

  Many solutions are called semantic search engines when synonyms are used while searching.  It is clear that systems should search for 'software developer' and 'programmer' and many more .... but that is only one

2803, 2019

Actonomy’s semantic search in index Advertsdata: Acquiring new customers and placing candidates made easier!

index Advertsdata is the European leader in job data with more than 38 million job adverts processed yearly. Thanks to the integration of Actonomy’s semantic technology, it is now easier to search the Advertsdata database.

603, 2019

REC+ in Barcelona, some impressions…

REC+ in Barcelona this year has come to an end (almost)…. Although it was the first time that I attended the conference, I found it great, very well organized, informative and lots of networking opportunities.