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What’s New

2706, 2017

HR Analytics Services from Actonomy launched!

Understanding the key characteristics of your candidates, employee and vacancy data is important for many staffing agencies and corporate HR departments.  However, often recruiters have no real insight in what profiles they have in their

2606, 2017

Actonomy to present ASIMOV linguistic research during LT-Innovate in Brussels – October 9 – 11, 2017

ASIMOV is a large scale research project that as done amongst Actonomy, Crosslang and De Persgroep in collaboration with UGent, KUL, imec.  The goal of the research was twofold : to provide technology for automated

706, 2017

Meet Actonomy at Zukunft Personal – Köln – September 19 – 21, 2017

Actonomy will be presenting the latest semantic search and CVmatching technology embedding advanced machine learning and data analytics.  Visit our joint booth with our sister company Thalento and the other members of the HRTech Valley!

606, 2017

Actonomy to launch adaptive semantic search & match – learn from the user input and get more suitable results

Actonomy now brings semantic search to a next level by learning what the user is looking for.  Users often use search keywords that are not recognized by semantic systems leading to no results.  By learning