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Staffing agencies

Artificial Intelligence that is almost human

The growth of the staffing industry has continued to set the pace for the agencies to innovate and step up the tools. In addition, as the market grows, it introduces more competition and so pressure. This drives the staffing agencies to deliver the most relevant and available candidates to their customers fast and accurately.

The quickest way to find the best candidates is to use automatic Semantic matching. This is an advanced technology that will automatically analyse the job requirements and search through the whole candidate database for the best matches. This does not only return a score for each candidate, but also provides the reasons why those have been picked.

This same technology can be used for prospecting. Imagine you have a great candidate, but no open vacancy ready. Actonomy xMP Semantic Mind can be used to match candidates with customers, taking into account the vacancy history of each customer. Matching configurations are integrated, automatic and very flexible.

In the case you don’t have the right candidate in your database, Actonomy Semantic Mind performs the same search request on external HR social media, such as Indeed, or LinkedIn or other external sources

Actonomy xMP Semantic Mind is supporting you in all the core business processes :

  • Allow job seekers to create easily online profiles without filling in forms.
  • Allow job seekers to find faster the more suitable jobs on your jobportal using semantic search.
  • Job seekers can be instantly matched and ranked with posted jobs and get their skills Gap.
  • Allow job seekers to create their agent and get alerts on suitable jobs.
  • Allow recruiters to create better job posting by comparing against standard job profiles and skillsets.
  • Advanced tools for searching through candidate (CV database) and for analyzing/filtering the results
  • Allow your consultants to search on social media and external CV databases for suitable candidates.
  • Higher and faster applicant conversion rate
  • Increased SEO performance of jobs posted on your job portal

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Know what you (don’t) have

Do you know what skills your candidate database covers? Do you know the skill gap between your open jobs and your candidates?

Actonomy HR Analytics Services will extract those skills semantically and categorize your data in order to highlight op jobs and top skills to clearly identify eventual skill gaps in your organisation.

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