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Job Boards

Improve service to candidates by giving better jobs – to recruiters by giving suitable candidates!

How successful are you in filling your jobs with appropriate candidates?

Job sites today are facing substantial challenges as quality of service to both candidates and recruiters is more than ever before a key differentiator.  Even more  job boards are becoming a fully automated channel competing to win the top spot as quality recruitment channel for companies.

The companies using job sites also face their challenges: visibility – branding of posted jobs a key to attract the right candidates and on top, direct sourcing of candidates provides huge savings but might be time consuming!

On their side, job seekers struggle with finding the most suitable jobs on internet and are often poised to select a list of skills manually to enrich their profiles on line – simply uploading or referring to an their already existing profile/CV is preferred.

Actonomy xMP Semantic Mind is tackling each of those challenges :

  • Allow jobseekers to create easily online profiles without filling in forms.
  • Find more relevant jobs for job seekers using semantic search.
  • Job seekers can be instantly matched and ranked with posted jobs and get their skills Gap.
  • Allow jobseekers to create their agent and get alerts on suitable jobs.
  • Allow recruiters to create better job posting by comparing against standard jobprofiles and skillsets.
  • Advanced tools for searching through candidate (CV database) and for analyzing/filtering the results
  • Highe rand faster applicant conversion rate
  • Increased SEO performance.
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Know what you (don’t) have

Do you know what skills your candidate database covers? Do you know the skill gap between your open jobs and your candidates?

Actonomy HR Analytics Services will extract those skills semantically and categorize your data in order to highlight op jobs and top skills to clearly identify eventual skill gaps in your organisation.

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