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Dedicated to optimise your HR process, speeding up recruitment and providing better matches!

Actonomy’s semantic technology was designed to help you do business in a much more efficient way and to optimise your recruitment process! As such Actonomy’s technology helps you through the different steps of the recruitment process with effortless onboarding of talent (using CV parsing) and brief and accurate sourcing of talent (in your own talent pool and external sources alike!). Our unique searching and CV matching technology then delivers swift and precise matches with your job requirements.

Actonomy offers you easy-to-use and flexible solutions that are powered by advanced technology.  Our underlaying technology is a unique combination of articifial intelligence, machine learning, language processing and big data!  That is why we understand what you mean while searching and why our software can think for you to get you the best possible results!

xMP Semantic Mind is a revolutionary new generation of semantic matching (semantic search) platforms, designed to provide high quality match results by emulating human intelligence, combined with technology’s accuracy and velocity.  xMP combines free text search, special relations between criteria, parsing, weighted criteria, reversed matching (CV matching and Job matching), and context-sensitive searching.

xMP searches simultaneously in structured and unstructured data, and presents the best matching resumés and vacancies in ranked order, including details of where the search criteria match — or don’t!

Read more about xMP Semantic Mind

xMP Data Services is an online service offering you to access millions of jobtitles and related skills.  It is the result of years of manual work combined with big data techniques to provide structured overviews of HR data.  The data is available through an API and allows you to access HR related ontologies for jobs, skills, educations, …..

No more need to worry about the correct way of spelling a job title or to find synonyms (and related terms) for you job title!  A sinlge call or click to xMP Data Services and you will get access to hundres of synonyms or releated terms!

Read more about xMP Data Services

Actonomy Match&Hire is a webbased CV management and vacancy management platform that allows you to process incoming CVs, to match CVs with your vacancies and to search for CVs across your own database and simultaneously through as many sources as you want!  With a single mouseclick, profiles on the internet or in external databases become accessible!

The unique combination of CV parsing and vacancy extraction, powerful search and CV matching and social media sourcing functionality makes it the perfect solution to optimize your recruitment process!

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The power of Actonomy Semantics integrated into your environment

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